Topic: my email to the local radio station

My husband George wanted to hear our song on the radio one day last week(keeper of the stars)So on monday,i sent an email to the local country radio station,and this is what it said

Dear Sara,i would like to send out a request tomorrow at lunch,9-04,if possible
You see,my husband is sick with cancer,14 years ago a song,keeper of the stars came on the radio,we have'nt been together but a month or so,when he sai"let this be our song"and now 14 years later hes still the keeper of my stars.I want him to know that i love him so very much,and that i am holding his hand through out this journeyI cry a lot becaues he is in so much pain,and there's nothing i can would mean so much to me if you can play this song,and keep him in your prayers.Thank you so much...Lynn Driver

Well not only did sara play the song,she read my email over the air.and also gave George and i lunch for 2 at freds southern kitchen...i love 97 country,and all they do...Just thought i would share this as it did bring george a huge smile.

Re: my email to the local radio station

Well, Lynn, that brought a huge smile to me too and a few loving tears. What a beautiful thing to do. Lynn, Teddy used to call our journey through CC our Honeymoon! It worked and got us though some tough spots.


Re: my email to the local radio station

Lynn, How beautiful. I am going to look up that song on You tube when I get off here. Hugs. Nancy

Loving my husband from afar.