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It's been awhile because I started back to work (teacher).  The beginning of the year is CRAZY.  I'm here to give a very positive update on my father.  He was diagnosed in May 2012 (stage 4).  He finished his 8th round of chemo on Thursday.  Although chemo hasn't been pleasant for him, it wasn't horrible like other stories I have heard.   

His doctor is extremely pleased.  My father's liver function is normal, blood normal and even gained weight.  According to the scan back in August the cancer was reacting to the chemo.  He will be scanned on Oct. 4th and then the doctor will decide the next steps.  My dad was in a clinical trial at the U of M which ends in November.  IF the chemo shows no change since last scan he will no longer be able to be part of the clinical trial. 

We (siblings) have been looking at other options.  I have advised my mother to be sure she has EVERY test, scan, blood work and any other file of my father's ready to go if we decide to seek another hospital, tops on our list, MD Anderson.   She is in the process of gathering those records. 

I know this cancer is nasty but I am happy with these results.  It has been a much more positive (if positive is even the appropriate term) journey than expected.  I post this because we must hear positive journeys about this cancer.  I HATE it, but for now, my dad is killing it! 

PS- My daughter (2) and I pray for all of those sick with this cancer and any other ailments every night.  Stay strong!!!

God Bless,


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Suzy, what a great post! Positive is as good as stable and shrinkage. And I am sure your POSITIVE attitudes help a lot too. MDA, good choice! I think being one step ahead of the game is always a good idea. I am hoping for more good positive Scans on October 4th, can't wait to her good news.


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Hi Suzy,

I wrote you a message on my post that you commented on.

My beautiful daughter, Lauren Patrice, will live on in my heart forever.

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