Topic: Lost my Mom/BFF 1 year today

Hello all.  God Bless all on this site.  We are all grieving or dealing with CC.  This of course is not a site to be at if you could choose.  No offense to the Foundation!!!  I lost my Mom to CC 1 year ago today & am at a loss still.  We were BFF & did EVERYTHING together.  I'm still trying to get over the "wanting" to call her on the phone...I miss her daily & wait til the day we meet again.  It is not fair this cancer took her at such a young age, 64 with young grand children to love & more on the way.  But then again life is not fair, is it?!  If it was we would NOT all be on this forum.  We all struggle why God has brought us here to deal with CC.

Re: Lost my Mom/BFF 1 year today

We may never know the whys and wherefores but like Marion says (or close to it), "Grief is the price we pay for loving so hard". Absoutely no offense taken to the Foundation, we understand, totally! One more thing I sometimes question....I know everyone here knows what wonderful, caring and loving Members we have here which makes one wonder why God picks the very best when they are still so needed right here on earth! Sometimes ya just wonder, you know?


Re: Lost my Mom/BFF 1 year today

Hi Pam,

Just wanted to say that I am sorry you are still so sad and missing your Mom. Take comfort in knowing you had a special relationship. That is why it is so hard. I wish you all the best on this difficult anniversary.

Love and hugs, -Pam

My beautiful daughter, Lauren Patrice, will live on in my heart forever.

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