Topic: Prof Lodge details - recc. surgeon

Professor Peter Lodge private secretary:  Mrs
Catherine Hulme, BUPA Hospital, Jackson Avenue, Leeds LS8 1NT. (UK)

(best to send films on CD rom to this address)

J Peter A Lodge MD FRCS
Professor of Surgery
Clinical Director for GI Surgery
HPB and Transplant Unit
St James's University Hospital
Leeds LS9 7TF (UK)

Tel 0113 2064890
Fax 0113 2448182

Prof Lodge has alot of experience of operating on cases deemed inoperable elsewhere.  He removed all the cancer from my Dad who had allready undergone one unsuccesful op after which we were told that the tumor could not be removed because it was too close to a major artery.  Prof Lodge is well known for his aggressive surgical techniques in removing cholangio tumours.  We consulted surgeons at Mayo Clinic and Sloan K, nobody was willing to carry out the surgery - they all ocnsidered it too risky.  My Dad has recovered well and so far so good.

Good luck everybody out there fighting this disease, do get second, even third, fourth opinions from specialists if you can.