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God bless you people and your families

   For you all, for your loveones, departed in a better world - where is no pain and sorrow - I pray for you and I dedicate this famous poetry, writen by the romanian poet, Mihai Eminescu:

       To The Star

Up to the star that's just appeared
The journey's long, and so
For thousand years its light careered
To reach us here, below.

It may have faded on its way
Of old, in blue spheres bright
Though only now its shining ray
Unfolds to this our sight.

The image of the star that died
Comes slowly to the fore:
It used to be when it would hide -
We see what is no more.

And likewise, while our yearning dove
Died in the deepest night,
The light of the extinguished love
Still follows us in flight.

And for my husband, Guy: I'll be with you soon, my Love

from Belgium and Romania

Re: They are with us

Dear Liliana, that is so beautiful, thank you. I hope you are doing ok in your "new normal". It takes some time, hang in, be strong. Thanks for the lovely poem.


Re: They are with us

Thank you Lainy,

   I don't know yet how I am doing, but I have Guy's ashes with me at home and that is helping alot. We both believed in spirituality and that we are never wanished after our bodies have stopped functioning in material way.

  So, Guy is with me and me with him. I feel him everywhere, helping me to say and do what I have to say and do here. He is guiding me always.

Thank you again,


Re: They are with us

Dear Liliana,

Thanks for sharing that beautiful poem.  I totally agree with you. I feel Jim all around me, guiding me every day, too.  It helps to keep me strong.

Take care.

Love & Hugs,

"One Day At A Time"

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