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My oncologist gave me the ok to have my port removed.
They gave me the option of having it done in the office or the OR.  I guess in the office they numb the site and remove it.  You are awake.  In the OR, you get twilight.
I am going to the OR because they only do it one day/wk in the office and the wait is over a month. I can go to the OR in a week.
Plus, I think it would be weird to have it removed while you are awake.  I've read other cancer patients either say it's no big deal or they hated it.

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Susie, I have never had to have a port removed but I had twilight a month ago for a colonoscopy and I felt so good when I woke up!  Never felt a thing even though they call it twilight! I agree OR sounds good, why wait a month. Bet it will feel good to get rid of the appendage!


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Susie-Congrats!! I had mine removed in ICU while awake because I had a blood infection, so it was an emergency procedure. I was sad, I was very sentimental about it!!
Lots of prayers and good luck-Cathy

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I had mine removed in the doctor's office. It was a real non-event.  A little numbing and it was gone.  I talked to the doctor through the whole thing.  I think it might be over-kill to go to the OR.

I am sure either way it's great to get it out!  Congrats!

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Hi Susie,

No experiences to share here about getting a port removed, but just wanted to say that it is great that you are getting it removed!!



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Congratulations on this small yet positive step! Good riddance !


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Congrats on getting it removed!

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One more step on being done with this crappy cancer. So happy for you, Susie!

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I couldn't have said it better.  It is a crappy cancer.  sad