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I have not written a while.My dad had been off of chemo for a few months.He just started another cycle of gemcitabine today.After his break from chemo the cancer became more active.: ( He has been feeling well off of the chemo.His spirit  was down for a while, but he seems hopeful again.It has been almost 2 years he has had the cancer.I know that he is breaking a lot of milestones, and prayers are the reason. He just believes that one day he will beat this. I need to get myself back into this mind set. He was on Cisplatin and gemcitabine for the first 6 months.It started to shrink fast.It was great.Then the side affects and he took a break.Then they tried an oral chemo and it gave him neuropathy in hands and feet. Now they are trying the gemcitabine alone.Has anyone had any similar experiences and if so was there further shrinkage? I am just looking for some more hope and positivity. : (

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Hi Kathy, good to see you back again. I can't help with the chemo questions but I can say how glad I am that Dad is doing OK. Breaking milestones is GOOD and I am sending you HOPE and POSITIVE thoughts. Please do keep us updated on Dad's progress!


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Hi Kathy,

My daughter has had Gem/Cis and 5-FU with good shrinkage. Her doctor then switched her to just Gemzar and 5-FU. I think she had better shrinkage with the Cisplatin, but it is a rough chemo that is hard to take for long periods of time and can cause kidney problems.. She then had Xeloda and Oxaliplatin, but had an allergic reaction to Oxaliplatin on the 6th infusion. So now she is just on Xeloda. Her Oncologist is thinking of putting her back on Gemzar after her scan. I think any chemo has a better chance of causing tumor shrinkage than no chemo at all. I think a positive attitude helps as well. I am hoping your Dad continues to do well.


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