Topic: My sister has had 2 chemo treatments!

Yes, Becky has gotten 2 chemo treatments so far. She is on her off week and will start back next Thursday. Both treatments were in hospital and no major side effects! That is the good news, the bad news, dismissed from hospital Thursday a week ago, after being out of the hospital 3 days , back in on last Monday from dehydration, highest billirubin since diagnosis (27) and low hemoglobin. Got blood and Iv's and an ultrasound and found drains had slipped down . Yesterday had procedure to reinsert drains and has been bleeding into her bags since. She has had this procedure done many times, never have we seen blood in the bags before. Keeping her in hospital to monitor blood . Onc is not concerned but doing labs to see how much blood is draining . Onc said maybe home tomorrow. That scares me to death. She still is so apathetic. Still won't bath unless I force it. Says she is hungry but eats very little. Still begs for more and more drugs to stay knocked out . Refuses to be involved in any decisions, says" whatever". Her being at home is a nightmare for me. Wants 24 hr attention which I am unable to give.She will not eat, over medicates, won't drink enough, hardly will get out of bed much less move around.Tried to talk to her about alternatives but says she is fine at home alone , but every time she goes home within 24hrs she is in crisis again. Her onc wants her in the clinic everyday from now on for fluids. Tried to get him to provide at home infusion but medicaid won't pay. Becky is happy about the trips to the clinic because that means I will have to be with her all day long. I am done in!

Re: My sister has had 2 chemo treatments!

Oh my, I am sorry for Becky and for you. Have you told the ONC about all that is going on? Could she be depressed and needs something from the ONC to get through? Can you get a friend or other family member to sit with Becky at the clinic? It IS OK for you to take a much needed break. Is she in a large amount of pain?  Last but far from least, perhaps you can ask the ONC how long he feels the Chemo will give her vs not doing chemo? While no one really knows the ONC can take an educated guess. I just re read your posts and maybe her 'giving up living'  has something to do with your parents passing young from Cancer. She may be more scared than anyone suspects so she is hiding. Be kind to yourself and take some breaks.