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Topic: update on my georgie

good evening everybody,well today was a long day for us,georges platletes came up enough 79,to give him chemo,they lowered  the dose,he slept through most of it,he was just extra tired today,he seems more alert now then he did all day,yay!!!i just hope he can sleep tonight because of the steroids.i have to get up early and start cooking,well,goodnight cc family,love and hugs lynn...

P.S Lainy,i called you today,you must of been busy...:)

Re: update on my georgie

OH, SORRY Lynn. Yes, I have 10 coming for dinner tomorrow. I have been on high energy like George. So glad to hear all is going forward and I just want to send you a very special Happy Thanksgiving.Wishing you both all the best and have a great Holiday. I have company coming in from Milwaukee for their 17th Thanksgiving out here with us. They will be here until Tuesday so lets talk after ok?

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Re: update on my georgie

Happy Thanksgiving to you my friend,and yes i will call again,probally wednesday,when george goes for blood work and probally electrolites...