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This is unbelievable and there were 10 witnesses. Guess Teddy is stepping up his game. Just before everyone came for the feast, I lay on the couch for 1/2 hour. Got up and there was Teddy's BIG picture on the wall, turned half way around!
After dessert I was in the kitchen with the 4 Grandkids when Robin accidently turned the kitchen light off. When she turned it back on it went goofy like it was going to explode. She turned it off and back on and again same thing. 3rd time it was normal. Very exciting, guess the Medium was right this week when she said he misses my cooking! Hope everyone had a meaningful Holiday. Today the same 10 come back for lunch after golf. I made Sloppy Joes.


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how cool!  what a great Thanksgiving treat.

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Re: We Had An Extra Guest

Hi Lainy,

That's our Teddy, he's never one to miss out on a family gathering.  Hope you are keeping well.  I think of you and Robin often.


Andie xx

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