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Hello dear friends
It's been a while since I have updated you on Mom. Last time I did we were in a tough spot with her as she was in a nasty mood and the urologist appointment was pretty unpleasant.

I have not been able to go to the last 2 chemo appts with her, one due to my son's return from Afghanistan this past week and today because I have picked up a cold/flu which has been really knocking me down. I know I could not possibly take her to chemo with this, but she was only to get Gemzar and be done in about an hour. Well she called me and said she was not able to have chemo today due to her white blood cell count being so low.  Now I am even happier I did not take her, knowing she would have been so susceptible to picking up this cold.

I do have more news... Mom is scheduled to have her 3 stents changed on December 10. We also have scans scheduled for December 5. So it will be a busy month by the sounds of things.

I also learned that her oncologist is now talking about continuing the chemo past December. I'm not sure if I mentioned that he had said he would be stopping it in December and we would take a wait and watch approach. I was not at that appointment with Mom so I was not able to ask him why he changed his mind but I will be seeing him on the 13th of December so I can talk to him then about all of it. I am wondering and a little worried that perhaps her tumor markers have changed. I asked her if he mentioned that but she was not sure. So many questions I need to ask now lol

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, (those who celebrate it)!

Christine smile

Caring for my Mom and helping her win this battle.

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Hi Christine, and thanks for the informative update. I think only the Turkeys don't celebrate Thanksgiving! LOL  Well, you only have about 2 weeks to go and take your list of questions. How wonderful that your son has returned from Afganistan and please say thank you for me. Yes, your December seems to filling up very fast.
I tell my 5 male docs that they keep me so busy I don't have time to meet anyone else! They laughed. Thanks for checking in, feel better and stay strong!


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Thanks so much Lainy!

Yes December is getting booked up but as long as all of the appts go well and the news is good, it's fine!

I will absolutely tell Jared Thank You from you!! Such a huge weight off my mind having him back home for good!

Fortunately most of my Christmas shopping is done and I just need to get some smaller things to finish up. At least I don't have that to deal with, YAY ME! lol

~Chris smile

Caring for my Mom and helping her win this battle.

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Hi Christine,

I am so happy for you that your son has returned safely from Afghanistan. What a great holiday gift! I hope your Mom's stent change goes smoothly and her counts go up so she can continue her chemo. Best of luck with scans as well. My daughter has scans on the 4th, so we can both be nervous together! You are lucky to have most of your shopping done! I can't get anyone to make me a list of what they want! Take care and Happy Holidays!

Love, -Pam

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Thanks so much Pam. I will be more than happy to be nervous with you!!

Spoke to Mom this morning and she had the second neupogen shot. Hoping that gives her the much needed boost and things can resume.

Hugs and Love
Chris smile

Caring for my Mom and helping her win this battle.

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Does your mom have metal or plastic stents?  They tried to place metal stents bet the structure was so narrow it would not fit.  Does she have issues with the stents getting occluded?


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Mom just had surgery yesterday to replace her stents. She had 3 plastic stents but now only has 2 which are metal. Dr felt that metal would be better for her this time.

I am not sure if they were clogged or not as I was not able to be there but I should know more after we see her oncologist on Thursday.

Christine x

Caring for my Mom and helping her win this battle.