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Thanks for writing with the info for us. We were told by our first specialist NOT to go for chemo because it wouldn't do anything but make John sick.

We did the photo dynamic therapy and internal radiation tho. We were sent to the # 1 specialist in Ca. so we believed him, we're sorry now. I think like you that we should have done anything and everything to fight this monster cancer.

I watched my Mother go through chemo, radiation and surgery for cervical cancer and still die. I think that was the biggest reason we decided against the chemo.

As it stands now the tumors are way to big, and all the lymph nodes surrounding the tumors are full of cancer cells. If he makes good progress and the tumors shrink Then we will talk to any Dr. about surgery.

Thanks again,

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Dear Charlene,

I'm glad the info was of help, if you have any further questions please ask away, there are alot of knowledgable people on this board and sharing experiences is very helpful.

I can understand how you feel about the chemo especially having witnessed your mum's battle.  My Dad did not cope with chemo very well and that is why I searched out an alternative.  My dad had immunotherapy (if you want to check this out look under 'research' and DC therapy and you will see our posts - my Dad is Geoff).