Topic: Important advice needed regarding radiotherapy please

Hello everyone,

It has been so great to have all your feedback over the last month or so. Thanks all of you. We need one more piece of advice. As I mentioned in a previous posting the latest on my dad ia that he was taken back into hospital because he had a liquid in his right lung. It turns out it was probably inflammatory and infectious (cna't confirm which) rather than tumoral. He also had another scan done which shows that the tumor is mainly in the bile ducts. He is now recovering from that and awaiting to start his chemo/radio treatment. The onchologist wanted to go for the radiotherapy in combination with 5FU that some of you have recommended but she now sudenly said that because the latest scn shows some liquid around the abdomen that radiotherapy is now not an option. I know that it is not good to doubt experts opinion but wanted to check with all of you as this is so important to us. Is this true? When there is liquid in the abdomen no type of radiotherapy can be given? How many types bu the way of radiotherapy there is? Has any of you had this happen? I just find it difficult to believe as some liquid in the abdomen must be something that happens with tumors. Anyway, your advice is invaluable.

All the best to all and thanks a lot again.