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It's our first Christmas since Sue died. We spent yesterday evening with her boyfriend, Paul, and had a really good time, thinking both to the past and to the future. Today, mum and I have been alone together and have had a quiet, peaceful and very enjoyable day. We miss Sue very much but her essence is evident everywhere and we both feel reassured that she is out of pain and safe from harm.

We've had a very rocky time recently, as mum had a stroke last month. She's 88, and it's really sapped her energy and knocked her confidence, but she's out of hospital now and is recovering very well.

Thinking of you, my wonderful cc family, and sending love and hugs to you all this Christmas Day.

Love Julia xx

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Dear Julia, I am sorry to hear about your Mum but glad she is on the road to recovery. You bet, Sue is all around your family.Wow, some of us have been together a long time now and I wish for everyone to have a healthier year,


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Hi Julia,

Merry Christmas to you, Nanette and Laura too! That is good that you all had a good time with Paul on Christmas Eve and for sure Sue will have been all around as well. These "firsts" are tough, but they do get easier as time moves on. I went through that with my dad too and I know how you feel.

Like you, I spent today with my mum, just the two of us and we also had a quiet, peaceful and enjoyable day as well! I hope that Laura behaved herself today as well???

I know that today will have been a tough one for you Julia. But know that I am thinking of you and Nanette today as well.

And big hugs to you both as well,


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Re: Thinking of you all this Christmas

Oh Julia,  What a beautiful post.  I am glad mom is on the road to recovery.  Thinking of you and sharing your sadness.  It has been over 4 years for me and I still have my moments.  Just knowing that our loved ones are no longer suffering or in pain and that they truly are all around us in so many ways does help.  Take care Julia.

Love & Hugs,

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Dear Julia,
That was a lovely post. How wonderful that you spent time with Susan's boyfriend. Sending healing thoughts for your mother. I am so happy we are friends. Please take care and I hope you had a nice Christmas.

Love, -Pam

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Re: Thinking of you all this Christmas

A beautiful post. Sorry to hear about your Mom. Sending prayers.

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Re: Thinking of you all this Christmas

That was a beautiful post. Glad your mom is doing better and you are at peace knowing your sister is no longer suffering.