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I am reciting some of my experiences here

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That was a long message!  Anyway I had a whipple in 2006 carried out in Belfast, I spend less that 2 weeks in Hospital and 3 weeks after the operation I was playing lawn bowls again!  Its intreasting you say you have lost feeling around your scar so have I.  My scar runs the full length of my tummy and below the scar in the middle 6-7 inches I can feel nothing, no touch, hot or cold or pain - its actually quite cool a wee party trick LOL - did your feeling ever come back?  And you mention the bile juices I get that also, I have only been sick once it was 3 weeks after surgery boy was I scared I though all my internal stitches were going to burst but it was fine.  I think the biggest problem is getting used to the 'bile taste' but to be honest its not that often and really not the worst thing that can happen.  A Whipple sounds harsh and I guess it is but at the end of the day you can lead a perfectly normal life.  I have read you post on other sites and although this sounds bad but it is so good to hear that you are still around to tell your story.

God Bless