Topic: My 46 brother has CCC. 2 kids. CHEMOSAT?

My brother was diagnosed with CCC. On December 19th 2012 his left liver was removed surgically. After the surgery the result was R0, no cancer left.

Now, a recurrence has developed and has been found thru CT and MRT. HE will start Chemo this Friday with Gemcitabin 1000 mg/qm + Cisplatin 25 mg/qm.

My brother is only 46 years old, extremely healthy, very active non-smoker. He has two kids. His son is only 3. He owns a company and employs 12 employees.

The doctors gave him 6 months to 3 years.

We have found out about the CHEMOSAT system. Has anyone heard about this to treat CCC? He has an appointment todat to review this option.

Does anyone know of a clinical trial that could be appropriate for him if CHEMOSAT does not apply?

Re: My 46 brother has CCC. 2 kids. CHEMOSAT?

Hi Rima,

Welcome to the forum. Sorry that you had to find us.

Chemosat system is fairly new. It's going through clinical trials. My understanding is that FDA has not approved it yet.

Chemosat is approved in the European Union for some types of cancer that metastasize to the liver. Not sure if EU approval includes CC.

As far as I know, only a handful of CC patients received this treatment through clinical trials. I haven't seen any first-hand testimonies posted in our forum.

Here are a few previous discussions that mention Chemosat or Delcath, the company that develops Chemosat. … hp?id=9165 … hp?id=6742 … hp?id=2415