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Just a quick update on Mom
Things are going “OK”.  Mom’s blood counts are on a pretty steady decline, white and red as well as platelets.
Dr has told her twice now that she NEEDS to take a break from the chemo. It IS working, which is proven by the good scan results. I get that she is terrified to stop chemo as she fears that the cancer will take hold and progress. She just cannot or will not understand that the chemo is doing more damage now than it is good.
Dr has decreased the doses drastically and has told her that at the end of this cycle he will either  stop chemo or change it to something different. Her bone marrow is just so tired from the drugs.
Mom, as I have mentioned is very, very stubborn and really does not understand that this is big time serious with the blood counts dropping continually .

I just needed to “talk” to someone and I know you all understand this beast.
Thank you so much for listening. I know we will find a workable solution but I am just scared.

Hugs and Love
Christine  :)

Caring for my Mom and helping her win this battle.

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Dear Christine,

I think your Mom is just scared and thinks she knows what is best for her. She needs to somehow understand that her doctor is trying to help her. Does she understand that? Bless her heart. She sounds like such a fighter. My daughter's oncologist has told us that chemo keeps working for a bit after being discontinued. So, hopefully you can make her understand that to get the full effect of the chemo, she needs to back off for a while. You are such a wonderful caretaker. I hope things get better.


My beautiful daughter, Lauren Patrice, will live on in my heart forever.

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Re: A quick Mom update

Thanks so much Pam
The doctor and I try to be gentle with her and get her to understand. He explained that the chemo has a cumulative and continues to be in her system and working against the cancer for a while even if she does not get her treatment due to the low counts.

I think she is onboard now with what the doctor wants to do. Hoping she is anyway.

Thank you so much for your words and kindness

Christine xx

Caring for my Mom and helping her win this battle.