Topic: My Dad situation

Hi  we met the oncologist today and I asked him about the problem of water retention he said that it is from the liver enzyme are all high his gamma gt is 700!! and all the rest of the liver is with multiple tumors there is no blockage in the bile duct but the tumor had invaded all the liver and he wasn't very positive about his prognosis he had been on xeloda and still the disease is progressing and gemzar too he thought about a new regimen to try folforinox but he thinks that he is too weak as it is a hard regimen and if giving him a after chemo he thinks that it would be without result he is asking a new MRI to see if there is a part of the liver not affected to see if he can do a chemoembolization as for the water retention he is taking lasix and seems to help him a little bit... Hope he can over come this situation if someone has been through this please help