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Prior to meeting with my wife's surgeon, Dr. Reichman of Ochsner, for a follow-up, she had blood drawn for a CA 19-9 test.  Shortly after, we met with the doctor and I asked him what the result of the test was.  He said the result was not in yet.  A few days went by and the results of the CA 19-9 test did not show up in my wife's online Ochsner account, so I decided to email him about it.  I composed a short question, hit send, and within seconds, and I mean seconds, the phone rings and Dr. Reichman tells my wife that her CA 19-9 value was 7.  He also responded to my email that he just told her what the value was.


Bruce Baird

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Dear Bruce, not only was it TIMELY it was good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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That most certainly is good service Bruce! Wish that everything was as quick as that!!!

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Love the low number!!!  Congrats!!!

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