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Topic: Quality of Life Stats After Radioembolization

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http://www.sirmeeting.org/index.cfm?do= … p;abs=2386

Results: Patients had increased pretreatment baseline scores within all categories except, Vitality, compared to age-adjusted norms. After treatment Bodily pain (52.42 vs 48.41), Social Function (62.50 vs 49.93), Role-Emotional(59.72 vs 49.79), and Mental Health (71.67 vs 51.25) parameters remained increased compared to age-adjusted norms. All parameters decreased from pre-treatment compared to post-treatment, however, only Social Functioning (score change, -20.5; P=.049), and General Health (score change, -15.2; P=.022) parameters were statistically significant. Results of the surveys were analyzed utilizing a two sample t-test for each comparison.
Conclusion: Generally, patients with hepatic metastatic colorectal cancer treated with Y90 radioembolization negatively perceive,decreased health related quality of life after treatment compared with pre-treatment. However, only Social functioning and general health parameters are statistically significant (p<0.05). Patients with hepatic metastatic colorectal cancer treated with Y90 radioembolization, however, positively perceive better Bodily pain, Social Function, Role-emotional, and Mental Health parameters compared to age-adjusted norms.

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