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Hi All,
I am so happy that I have found you.
I am katya, i live in Moscow, Russia. My mom, Rima, 63, was diagnosed with this disaster on March 25th while ERCP, so a stent was placed
immediately. I have found the doctors who were ready to operate her, the tumor was operable, but the level if bilirubin was high, so was the temperature. Thus the surgery was postponed. On April 16th, (even the bilirubin and temperature were still high, though they placed two drains), they did surgery, and it was not successful, they found mets in peritoneum and abscesses in the liver. So after that the plan was to treat the abscesses and then continue with the chemo. But on April 22nd, the doctors found peritonitis and did one more surgery. So now my wonderful mommy is weak, she had a bag of blood yesterday and today the doctors said that she had just a few weeks and would die in May. That is hard to believe in. I pray the God not to take her from me. But today the hope which I had all these days started to fade. She is still in hospital and I do not want to take her home from here because at home the situation will not be under control.
Please pray for my mom, we need positive thoughts so much.
Thank you so much, Katya

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Hi Katya,

I am so sorry about your mom.  I don't really know what is the right thing to say as I'm wiping tears off my face while reading your email.  My mother also has CC and I know how you feel about watching your mom deteriorating before your eyes.. I do hope that you have family and friends around you to support you and comfort you...  I'm sending you positive thoghts and energy you and your mom's way. 

Please take care...

much love and hugs,


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Please know that you and your mom are in my prayers.  It was heartbreaking to read your post.  I feel your pain coming across the post and my heart goes out to you. 

Stay strong!


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Dear Katya, I just know you already feel welcomed to our Board. I wanted you all to meet her, as she emailed me and now simply put, Katya is in the best place she could be. I have already fallen for her, hook, line and sinker~ BTW I do believe she is our first Member from Russia. We are truly going around the world.
Katya feel free to visit often and ask questions or give your own advise. The only thing we ask is that you keep us updated on your Mom. You mentioned that you are afraid to take Mom home. Do you have what we call Hospice, where someone like a visiting Nurse comes in to help at home? Please keep in touch and Be Strong!


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Hi katya,

Lainy is right - you are in the right place for support and positive thoughts although imam very sorry that you have had to come here.  I can understand your feelings.  My sister went for surgery but her cancer was too advanced and was halted.  Even if your mum cannot be cured there is still so much that can be done to ease her symptoms and make the time she has as comfortable as possible. 

Please ask any questions you want.  There is always somene if not several members who can answer and advise.


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Hi Katya (love your name!!)

I am so very sorry to hear about all that your mother and you have been through.  As others have said, you are definitely in the right place.  If you are want information or are just feeling overwhelmed, there are many on this board that have walked in your shoes and are so willing to help you.


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Dear, dear Katya, we all feel the pain and anguish in your letter and we all want to help and offer you support. Your mother is blessed to have you to love her so much even as she suffers. I hope the doctors are wrong about the situation. oftentimes people really surprise their docs and live a lot longer than they thought. Let's concentrate on getting her well in the hospital. You will be in many prayers tonight and in the coming weeks. Please keep us all posted. <hugs>

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Dear Katya,

I am very sorry to hear about your dear mother. Please know that we all care and hope for the best for her. I wish for her to be comfortable and pain free. I am here to help you any way I can. You and your mom are both in my prayers.

Love and hugs,

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My thoughts are with you. I just tossed and turned all night as I can't get the thoughts and feelings of helping my father at the end stages of Alsheimers ass this week. Though im the primary caregiver, I couldn't have done it alone. If they release your mom from the regular hospital, I suggest, as Marion has, to find hospice services, private caregivers or a nursing home to help you so you can concentrate on loving and comforting your mom. You're a loving daughter. God bless you,


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I meant "pass" , not "ass"! I AM tired!