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he was indeed suspended, but via temporary injunction he is allowed to resume surgery for the time being.

i found this article tonight: … 37317.html

it doesn't really go into specifics about the cause of the suspension.  what is interesting though is the notion of a hospital trying to preclude it's own doctor from performing procedures.

i'm sure there will be additional news reports in the coming week.

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Yes very interesting you would think they would want to keep him thereif he was so wonderful  inreality though he does more harm than good and i feel hat the hospital i s slowly finding this out . I commend he hospital for taking a stand that ill obviously put them in the spotlight

Re: Cured of CC

Seven months ago, only days after being diagnosed with terminal bile duct cancer that had consumed over 75-80% of her liver, my wife Cindy asked, "When God grants me my miracle I want you to do me one favor." 

With tears in my eyes I answer, "Anything!"

With full confidence that somehow, somewhere, God was going to have that massive, foot long tumor removed completely from her body, she proceeded to ask,  "Make me a website to give others HOPE."

Yesterday, my beautiful wife of 35 years celebrated the best Thanksgiving ever with her family totally cancer free!  God granted Cindy her miracle.  He led us to Dr. Jerome Canady.  Her website, has literally saved the lives of scores of others from all parts of the nation and the world.  If your loved one also needs a miracle, please go to our website.  Also checkout Cindy's website to see our full story.

Miracles still can happen!

Neill Russell

Re: Cured of CC

For all concerned;

Dr. Jerome Canady was called before a peer review committe on Wednesday,Nov. 21st made up of doctors and hospital staff at Monongehela Valley Hospital.  The reason behind calls for his suspension and removal from the hospital staff was a simple word called complacency.  Anytime you step out of the ranks, you can expect that others will shot at you. An old core group of doctors did not want a world-class, innovative surgeon operating in their midst!  Plain and simple.

Praise God, thanks to much prayer around the world, Dr. Canady has been fully reinstated as a onocological surgeon at Mon Valley! You maybe asking, "How can Dr. Canady succeed in these intricate, almost "impossible" procedures when others haven't or ever wouldn't even dream to try.  The answer is "faith".  This is what makes Jerome Canady so unique. He believes that God has endowed him with the confidence and ability to get the job done. Using a plasma beam catheter, that he invented, he can successfully removed ever vestige  of cancerous tumor at the cellular level that have wrapped  around the arteries and veins of the liver, bile duct, pancreas, colon, stomach, and esophagus.   Since my wife's last surgery on July 10th, Dr. Canady has successfully removed "inoperable" tumors from many others who were deemed "unresectable" by top cancer surgeons/doctors from all over the world.  Did some patients die?  Unfortunately and regrettably, yes.  All of Dr. Canady's patients are extremely "high risk", but the vast majority survive and gratefully go on with their lives knowing that God has granted them a second chance. 

For more information on Dr. Jerome Canady go to our websites, and

Miracles still happen!
Neill Russell