Topic: To counter weight loss

This is an excellent idea, let's hope it fills up very quickly.

My husband has two glasses of this drink twice a day to build up his strength. The measurements make 2 glasses

half glass of coconut milk
half glass almond milk
Scoop of whey protein
teaspoon of glucomine
a banana / or dried figs

Mix with a blender and makes two drinks.
I sometimes add flax oil which is very good.

Re: To counter weight loss

When I lost weight the doctor put me on Megase to gain back.

Re: To counter weight loss

After surgery and weight loss, my husband was told to try ISOPURE.  He mixed it with milk and drank it in addition to meals.  He has gained almost all of his weight back.( pre-surgery)  He also liked the taste which is sometimes half the battle.