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Hello everyone,

I had my latest scan last Tuesday (9-9-08) and, needless to say, it has been a long week.  The doctor was finally able to call me today and she said everything looks great!  No sign of recurrence

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YEAH!!!!!!!!!!   Can you hear me shouting???   You are not alone with IBS issues either, join my club!

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Fantastic news!!  We are celebrating with you.  Here's to the next successful 6 months.  Bless you.

Wishing all God's blessings!

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Sue....thanks for sharing this wonderful news.  No doubt it made your day...but, it also made mine.  Please, keep it coming our way.


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Great going Sue!  Thumbs up and keep on rolling young lady!
Bless Ya!'

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Such VERY good...such WONDERFUL news!!!!  I had been wondering how you were doing. 

I also had very good news last Thursday!  I had my first scan following my surgery in May and met with the surgeon immediately after.  The results were great, or as he said "there are absolutely no areas of concern"!!!  Next scan in 3 months then to 6 months.

I feel such blessed for what I have been given.

As you said, YES, there is good news out there!


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That's fantastic news!  I think the first few scans were the hardest as I was just certain that the cancer would come back quickly.  This is the first time I have had to wait for the results, and I find I didn't stew over the results too much over the course of the week. I would get side tracked every now and then, off in my own little world, visualizing the doctor calling and telling me "Bad news", but...then I would go on about my day and forget all about it.  (Believe it or not!!!)

Congrats and keep up the good news!  I believe Kris (devoncat) is doing well too, so hopefully we can be the encouragement for cc patients everywhere!

Everyone on this board, whether he/she is a patient, a caregiver or has already passed has been such an influence on me and my outlook on life.  I thank you all for being so strong and willing to reach out to people you do not know, in order to make THEIR lives a little better.

Thanks everyone!

Today is a new day. Congratulations, you are already a survivor!

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Congrats Jean and Sue.  I'm so glad for you!  Keep on fighting.


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Sue, I am SO, SO happy for you. You know the two of us are linked on this journey and when you get fabulous results, it is like I get the same results. I have been wondering how that scan went.  I think Hans and I will have cake tonight to celebrate....

On a side is your son doing? Is he back from his tour yet?

And Jean, such wonderful news too! It is about time some goods news happened. We all need to hear these as it keeps everyone's hopes up.

Good luck everyone.

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Hi Kris,

I have been thinking about you too!  Did you ever find out anything about your abdominal pain?

As for the gas, I HEAR you loud and clear!  Can you hear me too???  HAHA!  This has been something I mention to my doctors every time I see any of them. No real answers tho, so I try to keep it to a minimum if at all possible.  NOT always possible!  As you said...better belching than farting!  Well, at least for your classmates...

My son (he's a Green Beret) came back from Afghanistan in June (his 6th tour in Afghanistan/Iraq) and will be home until after Christmas (if all goes according to schedule, anyway).  Then he will head back in January for one more tour.  After that he should be home for a couple years.  He has received two Purple Hearts (for injuries in the line of duty), both in his last tour over there.  Please, I hope everyone can send up good thoughts and prayers to get him back home alive and well one more time.  He has four daughters and a wife that miss him sooo much when he is gone. 

You sound as feisty as ever!!!  Always good news to us!


Today is a new day. Congratulations, you are already a survivor!

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Jean and Sue.........Fantastic news!!!!!  So happy for you both!!! smile

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Jean & Sue,

Congratulations on the great news. It is so good to hear some postive, encouraging news like this. Good luck to both of you.


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