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Hi everyone,
Promised to keep you up to date about the new eating pattern we are following. We started in July and Peter had a blood test every month. Up till now, all the values have stayed about the same since half July. No better, but we feel it as a profit that it hasnot deteriorated. Also, Peter used to have fever attacks every 6-8 weeks. Since 20th of July there hasnot been one (knock on wood).
One can never prove that our healthy way of eating is the cause, but at least it feels good and it is giving us confidence that it buys us time. So we will continue.
We are even so bold that we booked a weeks holiday in Greece!
Love and all the best to you all,

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Iris,  Being bold is the only way to go!   I hope you and Peter really enjoy your trip to Greece.   It was like in February when Valerie and I went to Hawaii for a week.  I really deep down didn't feel up to going,  But we went and had the bestest times.  It was like cancer did not exsist, except for taking the pain meds as scheduled.

Have Fun!
Jeff G.

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Iris, I first 'met' you on another cancer website, and it was your posts that gave me and my family hope for a good life even for someone whose cancer was unresectable. I guess you must have read from the posts, that my sister passed away 2 weeks ago. I am so happy to read of your success and your husbands continued good health. I hope you have a wonderful Greek vacation with fond memories to last forever. I'll keep checking in on you, Belle

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Hi Belle, thank you for your mail. I am very sorry to read your sister passed away. It must have been very hard on you and your family. I hope her quality of life remained good for a long time? And I do wish that the happy memories you have of her will give you a smiling face when you think of her. All the best,