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Good morning, everyone,

That is a DIRECT quote from my husband!  I always ask my doctor's office to mail my test results to me, and they always do.  And I always read them to make sure THEY read them!

Got my results from my scan on the 9th (already reported on recurrence!!!)  However, no one has EVER mentioned to me that I have a small 3mm node in one lung, and a 4mm node in the other.  Apparently at least one of these has been there since right after my surgery (01/07).  There was no indication when the other one showed up. They also said there was no noticeable change in size for the one previously noted.

I realize these are still small, and I am not overly worried.  I can only hope that my doctor is paying attention.  It does sound like the radiologist who checks my scans IS paying attention, but this is the first time it has ever been mentioned in the results that I actually see.

Any ideas what these could be?  I have never smoked.  My husband has for the last few years and was actually going to quit on the cruise when I got sick. Needless to say, that didn't happen, and he doesn't seem to be slowing down now, for sure!  He does NOT smoke in the house, but he does smoke in the car when I am with him. I HATE IT.

I guess I am hoping to hear that it could be nothing.  I know that this cancer does metastasize to the lungs and that scares me a little.

The other bit that threw me a little was "pancreas appears atrophic".  What the heck does that mean?  I checked around online and I know WHAT it means, but what does it mean???  Know what I'm saying? 

I know I could ask my doctor, and she would tell me not to worry.  But I feel like you may actually hear what I am saying and can come up with some thoughts other than "Don't worry".  I already know that part! I won't have another scan for 6 months, FYI.  It seems like forever!

Thanks for reading this rambling.

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I cant help you as I am clueless. But perhaps, the nodes can be something else than cancer? I am as confused as you and of cource telling you not to worry doesnt help.

Maybe you should tell your doctor you are worrying and you want to know. But I would think if they were very concerned, they would have moved the scan up instead of waiting 6 months.

I am thinking good thoughts for you....stupid doctors.


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I have a small node in my lungs, too, and like you I've never smoked.  I see my doctor Tuesday, so I'll ask him about it for both our sakes.

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Good Morning Back at you, Sue!  We are not doctors, or we would try to confuse you more, but, Teddy and I have had what they call nodes on our lungs for years. Not sure of your age group but seems like in the 60's - 70's these nodes can appear and they do not mean a thing. My girlfriend has them too. They just watch them from year to year but they don't seem to change much. Can't help on the pancreas thing as I may have made too much sense already!!!


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Re: "I'm sure there's lots of things they never tell you..."

Sue..... I'm going to tell it like it is becuase you have a higher than normal likelyhood due to your already CC DX .  CC does mets to the lungs.  I let mine go until it was to late to do anything to my lungs.  They started as umeasurable spots, to mm size and now CM size, very indolent, over 8 years since first noticed.  Atrophic pancreas another area of mets for CC.  I would be asking questions and be asking for biopsy, as if found early in pancreas it is possible to remove cyst ,if that is what they called it or in any case a needles biopsy.  Sue I really don't want to arlarm you, but I have to tell it like it is and if I had to do it again, I would have biopsy and removal while it is segemental.  Just might prevent or slow any progression if it is found to be mets.  If you have mm size showing in lungs now with a ct scan, I would ask for a more detailed type scan that can detect possible smaller spots.  And don't let them tell you they don't or can't .  Sue I waited. My CC was very indolent (slow growing).  Maybe if you are a little  more aggressive than I, you'll have a lot better turn out. Sorry if I was so blunt but I wenrt for years under the impression if anything will work it'll work later as well as earlier.  I don't believe that any more.  The sooner the better.  Also consultation with an specialist who will be up front with you.  I surely hope it is nothing to worry about ,but I would take precautionary steps just in case.  Wish you the best in what ever you decide to do.  MRI with contrast to verify ct scan and possible give you a better picture of what is going on.  I guess I would not just bow it off.
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Re: "I'm sure there's lots of things they never tell you..."

Hi Sue,

I also had little mm nodules show up in my lungs.  I had a biopsy done and it was cancerous.  But my doctor think that they are too small to need anything to be done to them.  He indicates that they have good procedures to deal with them at a larger size.


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Hello Sue,
My mother also had two small nodules on her lungs, and they didn't biopsy them but assumed they were mets from the cc, as they said that was common. I would listen to Jeff and get them checked out, just to be sure. Don't mean to worry you!!! But it's better to have peace of mind and see if anything can be done. Hopefully it's nothing.
-Joyce M

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Sue, I asked my doctor about the nodules.  I started with one a year ago and now have four small spots on my lungs.  I read the CT report before the doc came in to see me.  I think it's cc mets to the lungs.  He doesn't seem to be worried about them, I supposed because he doesn't think there is anything that can be done with nodes that small. 

I had my picc line removed today, and have a fever again because of the baterial infection in the picc and the blood draw that flushed those little bacteria through my system.  I'll be getting a port-a-cath in soon.

Sue, I agree with you that there are lots of things they never tell us.  My mom comes with me to the appointments, and I wonder if the doc doesn't want to give bad news with her there.  The scan report also showed that the cc lesion seemed to have increased.  Why didn't he say anything about it?  Because he thinks I'm a hopeless case?  Because there is no cure?

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Lisa...please, don't hesitate to ask your doctor these questions.  You are your own advocate, it is your body, and it is your cancer.  I believe, at times, some physicians don't want to bring up anything they themselves are not too sure of and if patients don't ask, they simply won't talk.  It might also help to take along someone who will speak for you at these visits.  Hoping for this irritating infection to be eliminated real soon and for your questions to be answered.