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We went to the Urologist yesterday and he said Dr. Kresl (radiologist who will do the cyberknife) called him. That alone is amazing!! He said, "Kresl is absolutely brilliant!" Good to hear from another Doctor! At any rate he also said Dr. Kresl is very positive that he WILL get the cancer (with the cyberknife) that returned where the duodenum used to be! So now the Urologist is going to schedule a surgery where he will insert a tube near the bladder to relieve the ureter that is being kinked by the cancer (are you with me?) and then he hopefully can dis the tube (from the back) and drainage bag for the urine. All should be normal after a few days of "burning". With all this good news, poor Teddy is only thinking about the "burning" to come. Ouch! We are thrilled though with the news. Then on Oct 27th (his birthday) he gets his next PET Scan and hopefully the cyberknife will be in November. As you know this is if everything goes according to plan! How we all live for these good news days!


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Good news!  Thanks for sharing it with us!

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It sounds VERY positive and you do to...half the battle down. Poor Teddy, the "burning" doesnt sound very pleasant at all.


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GOOD GOOD GOOD news Teddy and Lainy,  it lifts the heart when we hear our people are getting some good news.  I'm a prayin'.


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Ya-hoo! I'm thrilled for you both!  Enjoy this good news, because you deserve it.

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Great news!!! We'll all keep our fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for Teddy.
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Such good news for you and Teddy.  I'm glad everything is finally moving forward!  Another good news day!!!


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It is encouraging to hear good news like this. Good luck to you & Teddy. You will both be in my thoughts & prayers.


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   I am so happy about your good news. When any of us has good news, the rest feel SO good about it. Like Sophie said - we're a prayin.