Topic: Roll Call - Lainy/Teddy

Lainy (68) & Teddy Sardina (76)
Sun Lakes (active adult community 20 miles South of Phoenix)
Teddy:        Diagnosed Bile Duct Cancer August 2005. In bile duct valve.
                  Surgery end of August - Whipple aborted after 4 hours due to
                                                         damaged pancreas from dye.
                   September 16th - Double e-coli infection hospitalized 9 days.   
                   September 25th - Whipple  Surgery cancer removal successful.
                    Nov. 1st - Tiny hole developed at resection went to REHAB for 1
                                     month on nothing but IV. Worked, hole closed.
                    April 2008 - Cancer returned where duodenum used to be.
                    September 5th -  completed 5 weeks of radiation to prepare for
                                      cyberknife to be scheduled after PET Scan Oct. 27th
                    In the meantime cancer has crimped right ureter, using stent and     
                    drainage bag for urine, surgery soon to insert tube and get rid of 
                     the tube and bag.

He is my miracle man who just wants to take the grandsons golfing!!

Teddy ~In our hearts forever~ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING
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