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I hate to sprinkle cold water on this idea as it is obviously one that is appreciated by many people.  But if it is taken to it's logical conclusion it will become so long and unwieldy that it will be very difficult to use.

I remember when I first registered I was invited to complete a patient profile, which was password protected.  Could something like that not be resurrected?  It would have the benefit of being alphabetical, easily updated and having a reasonably standard input form.

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I remember that to. Good idea.


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Registration is still required and memebers/new members are listed under users list. Lisa's roll call heading, has nothing to do with the official structure  or set up of this web site.  I think her roll call post was a great Icebreaker and no one has to post /or reply if they choose not to.  It has already been posted over. I agree having patient /caregiver identification upon registration, certainly could be discussed as an option for those who choose to disclose.  Ron, I agree in it being long.


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I just enjoyed seeing who is currently active on the site.


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Brenda....we all enjoy the same.  The problem is, as Jeff explained, that it might sound confusing to new members wanting to join the board and that this particular way of soliciting active members is not the right way to go.  Also, it might be offensive to those who don't write in very much but, are still part of our unique family.  The idea is wonderful.  There has to be a way of doing this without intruding on the "Introduction" portion of this site.  I have seen some great ideas come about one more for this?
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The patient profiles were very helpful to the people who were active and used them.  What we found is that the information was not updated or used the way we had hoped it would be, and it was very time intensive for Rick.

So, we have a couple of options.  We need to find a new way to keep this information that is private (for registered users only) and also a way that the patients themselves can update the information.

We can extend the information on the your prolfile.  If you don't know what I'm talking about - on the dark green line in the box above this one, there are some headers - Main  User List Rules Search Forum and then Profile.  Click on Profile.  On the left of the page you see a list.   Click on personal.  We can extend that information to include age and other information you would like to see (just tell us what you want to see).

I believe we can also add medical to the list, this won't give you a medical history.  It will just give you the most current information the patient puts there, but this may not be enough.

If complete medical history is what you'd all like to have then we need to look at some other options.  Let's open this up and see what everyone would like to see.

I think we also need to add complimentary medicine as so many are using alternatives and I get a lot of requests for this kind of information.

So, let's hear what information you'd like to have available and we'll go from there.

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I like the medical history, plus where the patients are being treated. I wonder if there is a way that some sort of datebase could be set up so people could see who has done what and where if they have questions.

Knowing if it is a patient or caregiver.

I will think more....

Cancer is a word, not a sentence.

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