Topic: Experience with Numega for Platelets?

My platelets are having a dickens of a time recovering while I'm doing chemo (was doing Avastin/Gemzar/Taxol). 
My platelets range anywhere from 8 to 20 during my treatments.  I was getting tranfusions everyday trying to get them back up, but my body has started rejecting the tranfusions and now I've lost that option.

My doctor told me about Numega as an option to build my platelets up again (in the same fashion Procrit does for our red blood cells and Neupogen does for our white cells).
Unfortunately, her patients have never had much success with Numega and very serious side effects landing them in the ICU for a month at a time with Kidney failure and leg amputations..... so she isn't too keen on me having this drug either.  Even at lower dosages.

Has anyone else tried this drug?  Can you tell me your experience with it?
I guess it's pretty new.

I'm now being told there's nothing else they can do for me.  My body is too fragile to endure any sort of chemo because of the platelet counts.  I'm so angry right now.... I feel like all of the "tools" they've been giving me to fight this thing.... they've just ripped out of my hands and I'm left standing there in front of the Big C firing squad, ya know?

I'm open to suggestions!