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recently my wife has been experiencing pain around the area  where the chemo port  is.   The nurses say that as long theres no bruise or swelling that is normal.   but its getting quite bothersome for  her. Have any of  you had experienced it?

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I am sorry to hear your wife is experiencing pain around her port.  In my own case, after I was past the initial pain from the port being installed which lasted about a week, there were subsequent episodes of soreness that occurred with daily activities.  For example, some sleeping positions really irritated my port and the car seatbelt was most unfriendly.  When the irritant passed, the discomfort largely went away within maybe 30 minutes or an hour.  The discomfort was both at the port site and sometimes in my neck.  Only once did it get so painful that I called the nurse, and her advice was similar to what your wife was told - probably nothing to worry about but call back if it got worse.  What I experienced was more discomfort and soreness, however, rather than serious pain.

I am not a doctor, but my recollection of the advice I was given was to report any concerning pain to the nurses in the oncology department where I was treated.  If I had experienced more severe pain that did not go away, my instinct would have been to push for an appointment for my medical providers to take a look.

I both loved and hated my port.  It did make the chemo easier.

I hope this is helpful. 

Regards, Mary

Not a medical doctor!

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Yes, yersterday the onc.  and the nurse looked at her and they both  said the   area where the port is looks fine and theres nothing to worry about.   So the discomfort is normal  I  guess

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I'm so sorry that your wife is having discomfort around her port site!  I hope that she starts feeling better soon.

I wanted to add to Mary's post which has such great advice, and mention that the nurses should be able to flush the port easily, and withdraw blood without difficulty.  If the nurses are not able to get blood "return", or have difficulty pushing saline in, fluids, etc. then this should be mentioned to the oncologist.  Sometimes a procedure called a portogram is performed by a radiologist to inspect the port for functionality.  This is generally done if the port seems to be malfunctioning. 

If there is any burning, stinging, or outright pain during or after chemotherapy administration though, this should be investigated promptly.

Good luck!


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