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Mom is alive today because of Dr Moeslein and the Y-90 treatments he gave her.    She was treated at Univ of Maryland, but he has relocated to Sarasota FL.  Below is a recent email from him;  he is everything you hope a doctor could be.  He gave the ok to send patients his way ( for those who have been on the board for a while, he was in contact with Percy and allowed his POC info to be posted back then too) I think it worked for Mom since she had the one tumor (4x6cm) without mets that he was able to treat even though it was inoperable.


Thanks for reaching out.

Sarasota Memorial is a great hospital - I am carrying on with all of the work I did in Maryland, only now I get home to see my kids daily. Much better lifestyle!

So please feel free to direct patients in my direction, and just as when I was at Maryland I am willing to review patient's records before I meet them to spare them a trip if I can't help.

Take care!


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Catherine, what a great doctor!! I have always posted about my HERO, Dr. Chapman and one of the things I always say is he is phone friendly, and will phone consult, will not have you make a trip if he doesn't think he can help you!! Signs of great compassionate doctors.

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Thanks for that Catherine!

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