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Topic: how important is exercise and staying active

I would like to know how important staying active is.I  had to quit work, doctors orders..but however five months later my grandbaby was born.She and her mom live here with us and i keep her during the day for my daughter to go to  a career college . I am up and moving alot and love it. I don't have a routine workout or anything..I do get my rest at night, except the day of treatment ..the steroids really keep my up the first night. Is better that I stay active and moving and not be sitting around all the time? I am a fighter and HATE the Bed these days ..feel like I am wasting time..But don't want to over do myself..I usually go by my gut...and most the time my gut says move girly move...:)

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Re: how important is exercise and staying active


I have always believed that it is vital to my survival to keep active.  Like you I gave up work and it would be so easy to slip into a rut and spend all my time and energy fretting about my condition.  I find that if I can spend some time in the garden or even just out walking, it makes me feel so much better, both  physically and mentally.  The only problem is trying to convince my wife that housework is not really suitable exercise  (LOL).

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Re: how important is exercise and staying active


I echo Ron 100%.  With the exception of a particular regimen of chemo that I took,  Staying busy is the name of the game or you just loose muscle tone and drop in to a depressed mood that will hamper your battle.  Maybe I can't do a full days work or I have to take a few more breaks at the many home projects on the honey do list, but I keep going and get it done.  Just be cautious if having some side effects.  Taking care of and having your loving Granddaughter to keep you company is great medicine in my book.  Just know your limits and get some rest when she goes down for her naps. I think it's awsome.  I was doing the same thing for a while.  I had to give it up when I got mets to the bones ,as I was unable to pick them up or rough house.  They adapted pretty good though ,they know they can't run on jump on PaPa anymore because of my bad ribs.  When they visit , they give me gentle hugs and say you okay today Pappa and pat me on the back? Makes me laugh and a little sad at the same time.

Bless Ya!,

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Re: how important is exercise and staying active

Ron and Jeff
Thank you both for those words of wisdom..i knew the answer i guess. It is just always nice to know and share with someone who knows what i am going through..So I can continue loving my grandbaby and taking my walks etc...oh and believe me when my little sweet thing naps..I rest too..she is only five months and is a full days work..lol...and has for house keeping..well Ron I have to say i consider it a work out here these days...I do a simple task and my ole body just is not what it use to be...I guess  am thinking i was all in shape before the cc or something..who am I kidding!!!!
Thanks again guys for your words ..

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Re: how important is exercise and staying active

I was in excellent shape before cc, and fell out of the habit of excercising after I got sick.  Well, the fact that I was very sick might have had something to do with that!

I'm feeling well now, and am starting to excercise again - just short walks to get my body moving and into the fresh air.  I'm still working, so I go at lunch while I still have a little energy left.

My doctors all say - keep moving!

God bless,