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Hi Everyone.  Last year, I helped my grandson celebrate his 5th birthday with a Saturn V rocket ship cake that was about 40 inches long.  This year, he's deep into meterology and loves all things  "tornado", so of course, he asked for a tornado cake and specified the debris.   LOL

The picture included here is the resulting cake.  The angle of the picture doesn't show how big it really was (though no where nearly as big as last year's cake) .  This one had a 12 x 18 base cake and the tornado, wall cloud and dust boiling up at the bottom  were all carved from a 9 x 13 white cake.   The picture is a little on the dark side....and doesn't show detail really well, but I hope you can see some of it.

And.....I hope and pray that next year this time....I am worrying over what this kid will come up with next for a birthday cake idea.  Life moves on and I'm living it!!!   smile


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Re: Continuing to live life...another Grammy cake

Julie....The requirements were specific  but Grammy came through once more.  You produced an awesome cake, I can just imagine the joy in your little guy's face.  The swirls are so distinct and depict the incredible power of a tornado. Who knows where your little grandson's imagination is heading for next years Birthday, but one thing is for sure, Grammy will come through for him.

So happy to see that you are living your life and your creativity has not been disturbed by all you have gone through within  the last few years.

You go, Julie,



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Re: Continuing to live life...another Grammy cake


I love, love, LOVE the cake! My youngest son would flip if he saw it.  Last year he asked me for a volcano cake...that was a doozy to put together!

Did you use fondant for the cutouts?  Beautiful piping details too!


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Re: Continuing to live life...another Grammy cake

Thank you guys.....I forgot to mention the "debris" in and around the tornado.  There were black angus cows, horses (both made of animal "cookies" that I hand painted with colored frosting, an SUV, a barn and a house both being ripped apart and roofs coming off, trees and of course....the hust amount of dust bilowing up at the bottom.  It had to have a wall cloud and mezzo-cyclone (the latter which you can't see well in the picture.   

Karen, since I no longer make cakes in my cake shop for customers, I decided that I didn't want to buy a box of premade fondant. Instead, I decided to be cheap and "wing it" with my own concoction of buttercream frosting.   I  took a big scoop of frosting and put it on an acrylic type cutting board.  Then, I kneaded in a lot of powdered sugar until I had something that still had some elasticity, but was dry enough to roll out in small batches.  But, then I had to add coloring to make black, red, yellow and goldish tan.  So, I started with red....and it immediately turned to "goo"....and my hands were totally gummy with the stuff.  So, then I added more powdered sugar to it and a small amount of frosting again to give it a bit more elasticity.   Eventually, I was able to knead it into a ball.  It was dryer than fondant and had the tendency to crack if not handled carefully, but I used an artist's pallete knife (which is very, very thin) to lift the letters, etc off the cutting board.  I had very little breakage, but made extra of everything just in case.   The taste was actually pretty good.....far better than eating fondant.....and I saved myself a trip to the store and the cost of the fondant.   I'm going to use the leftover red buttercream dough to make my mom's name for her  90th birthday cake this weekend, only in very small letters that I will attach to the side of a 2-layer cake.   I'm going to do the sides in basketweave....and arrange some fresh flowers in a small dish to put on top of the cake.   smile.  It sounds crazy....but the two layer cake done fancy, wedding cake style, will take me far shorter time than the tornado cake.   I worked on that ...bakeing at 9:30 p.m through 7:30 a.m. The next day.  I promptly went to bed for 4 and a half hours. smile.  The  cake for my mom will take probably about  2 hours and then arranging the flowers...and a LOT LESS MESS!!!   But, Robert's cake was worth it....a labor of love.

"Just for today, I can get through anything."  I'm a cancer survivor, not a doctor.  The opinions I state are my own, based on my personal experiences.    As always, talk to your doctor about your concerns and treatment.