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We are still looking to resolve the problem of people posting on the Roll Call thread.  It occurs to me that the people on this site are often referred to as friends, even a family.  Could we not then have a new section which could be named "Members Cafe"?  This section could be used by everyone to post threads on any subject.  The sort of things that friends and family discuss over a cup of coffee and a cookie.  Examples  would be TV programmes, fashion, makeup, shopping channels, finance, DIY projects, autos, jet planes of the USAF.  The list is endless and need have nothing to do with cc and treatments.  It would be a place where anyone can get away from the daily problems.  There could be a permanent thread dictated to new members giving whatever amount of personal information they want.

I realise this could take some reorganisation and confess I have no idea how much work would be involved.

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Ron , I love that idea.  It is hard for me to stay on subject many times, as I just want to reach out in a more least formal way, and shoot the breeze. Cafe Corner?   What do you think Stacie and Rick?


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I would just LOVE to have a new section like that! One more way to enjoy our days and remind ourselves that our lives are much bigger than just this stupid disease.


Peace, hope, and healing to all!

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Great idea!!!!  Also if I may make a suggestion. Those who are having longer and more personal "conversations" could e mail each other personally. One more thing......posts answering messages from almost a year ago. Thank you.

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Ron, I'm checking with Rick.  Will let you know.