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I was diagnosed with intrahepatic carcinoma 3 1/2 years ago. I had a right side liver resection followed by 12 chemo treatments of Cisplatin and Gemzar. To date, my follow up tests have been "normal".  I look forward to joining the discussions.

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Welcome Celia, and congrats on 3.5 years and going strong. It is possible to get your life back to normal too. I hope you are living life and enjoying it... may your success continue, Pat

Senescence is a beautiful thing....

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Celia, welcome and congratulations on your successful surgery and continued good health.  Thank you for sharing your success story with us.

P.S. My son is starting his junior year at Orgeon State University and I have been getting to know parts of Oregon.  It's a beautiful state!


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Dear Celia-

Thank you so much for joining us!!!!!  Understandably, many who have the success stories to share and spread hope, are busy enjoying life so I think we become unaware how many good news stories are truly out there.

We welcome your input and look forward to having you in our group.

Take care,

Not a medical Professional-  just someone who got caught up in this lousy disease.

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Dear Celia,

Congratulations on over 3 years of doing great!! Many more to come......thank you for spreading hope and encouragement to others. I have family in Portland and Salem, I love to visit Oregon. Thanks for joining the discussion board and look forward to hearing more from you.
All my best,

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Dear Celia,
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful survivor story.  It gives me hope for my husband!
Best Wishes,