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I see and feel the healing power of love and laughter all the time.  You can't measure it, but it's real and it's powerful.  We have quite a few family get togethers - more now than before Charlie was diagnosed (another good thing that came from this).  Family ages from 2 years old to Charlie who's the oldest at 53. We build a fire in the backyard Coleman firepit, roast marshmallows and fix s'mores and talk about anything and everything.  Lots of stories and cracking up until we're crying from laughing so much.  We have a whole group of teenagers.  So much fun.  I swear, after a night like that, Charlie's glowing for a week!  I can see how Charlie's cancer has changed the whole family.  They see each other in a different way and really appreciate each other and they especially love and appreciate Charlie for the special and wonderful man he is!

I wish the same for all who are suffering from this. 


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What a lovely post, it is true that cancer makes you appreciate, well, everything.


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Carol,  I'd like to join in.  I feel and hear the power your talking about and it's just as you described.   It's like totally amazing how much of a lift I get when we are all together and playing games and laughing.  It just feels so good.


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We spent many special hours with our daughter's family over the last few months. Our granddaughters have helped us so much. Also, the times that we spent - golfing and pinochle - with Butch's sister and her husband - will be in my memory banks forever. These are only a few examples of the healing power of love. Then there is God's love shining down on us. We are blessed.

Joyce C.