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Hi everyone !
My name is Anna . At the beginning I want to explain my poor vocabulary and grammar - I'm from Poland , and english isn't my first language .
I'm here becouse my father in low has got CC ( he doesn't speak english ) , and  there is no such a  wonderfull place in the web in my country !!! 
Year ago he had a resection of a tumor situated just in the center of a liver , and cisplatin sessions after .
Two weeks  ago  , after the CEA ( up to standard )  and Ca19-9 ( 79 ) checkup , he took referral for tomography and MR . Despite the suspition of bile ducts hamartoma , and fatty degeneration there are three areas of abnormal contrast intensification . First one (diameter 32mm ) is near liver vein , second one ( ~10mm) is in VII segment and third one (30mm) is situated marginal in II segment .
We still have got strong hope - our father is a powerfull  , active guy but I  trying  to find informations where I only can .
You are wonderfull - I pray for everyone of you !!!! smile:):)
ps. http://www.simontoncenter.com/

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Hi Anna,
My name is Jeff and I have CC.  I also Had a liver resection and cc returned to liver and both of my lungs.  I've tried about everything including 4 different regimens of chemo.  I have been pushing on with this cc since 1999.  I have had 4 different oncologist that gave the same prognosis of no cure just treatment to try and slow progression.  I'm at the point of Radiation treatment for my liver.  Hope to start this week.  Is your Father-in-law's cc only in the liver and not seen anywhere else? He might look into cyberknife radiation treatments.  That was what I was going for but my enhanced mass is over 5 cm ,so they'll willing to try  regular radiation instead.  There is so much infor out there but different therapies work differently on everyone it seems anyway.  Here is a web site that I just found that spells it out for people fighting this cc. (theoncologist.alphamedpress.org)  Novel cancer trials is an option which I continue to keep an eye out for as if this radiation doesn't do anything for me, I will have played all my cards except for trials and to keep doing mind and body /visualization healing.  Anna, the main thing is to keep positve attitude all the way, as I do believe in miracles.  I'm sorry your Father-in-Law's cc has returned. I hope he is discussing with his Oncologist and surgeon.  They may say surgery is not an option because of multiple locations on his liver.  Tell your Father-in law to keep his chin up but don't waste his money on quackery cures , check out completely as there are many web sites out there that promise the world just to sell an unproven product.   God's Speed !!! Jeff

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Hi Jeff!
Thank you for your answer !
1.After the consultation between surgeons and oncologist there is a great chance for termoablation of all locations . The most difficult part  will be the one  near the portal vein becouse of the possibility of scald . There are  no mets till now !!!
2.I hope you wont thought that the simonton method is a kind of witch-doctor work which I wanted to advertise !!!
Dr. Simonton is one of the most known psychoonkologist - he is  internationally acclaimed oncologist, author, and speaker who is best known for his pioneering insights and research in the field of psychosocial oncology. I 've read a lot about his programm - and I think it might be realy helpfull for people with cancer disease - it evolved from the concept that beliefs, feelings, attitudes and lifestyle are important factors affecting health . I really belive that people have a great power for selfhealing , but we fail to use it. I 've read a lot articles and books about simonton programm - and I think it may be  helpfull - this is the reason of placing the link here .
3.Unfortunately there is no cyberknife in Poland . I've found gamma knife - but it's used only in a case of brain tumors.
4. Thank you for "the oncologist online" adress - I 'm reading now.
Anna smile