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We just got home from the PET Scan (what a birthday gift, yes?) and there was
a message that we got to switch to the Oncologist we wanted, another battle won. Now we sit and wait for Scan results! In the meantime I also got a call from a Medicare Case Worker with Cigna. After a half hour of chit chat about Teddy I told her about our web site and she said, "oh great, I am going on the site and copy anything that may help your case for the cyberknife!". I thought WOW! I told her how others have had it successfully and she wants to see our board. So be on your good behavior, kids!  smile:)  We now feel like we are rolling along again!

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More good news, thats great. So far so good. Here's hoping the results of the PET Scan are just as positive!


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Lets hope Teddys birthday presents come rolling in and those scans are better than you hoped for.

And good that possible? I will try my best to have good manners and stop talking about my gas and bowel movements...for a couple of days.


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Keep the good news rolling in - we love to hear it.

Love - Joyce

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Hope Teddy had a very good day...once the PET/CT was done!  Wishing the best of news and the best of luck with Cigna...actually there should be no question about coverage...seems like a given to me!