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It's funny how cancer changes your life, yet you are still the same person you were before you had cancer.

I feel like I should spend more time with my girls watching TV with them, but I still can't stand Hannah Montana.

I'm single, and would like to date sometime, but I'm still anxious about my appearance and my weight, and figure no man would be interested in a woman with cancer.

So I'm still lonely as far as members of the opposite sex are concerned, but am happy to have my family around.

I'm thinking of going on, but sheesh, what do you put in your profile - "I have cancer and it's probably going to kill me"?  Yeah, that's a real date downer!

Sorry for the rambling, but I just found this new part of the forum and figured its my turn to vent.

Love to all!

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There are a few websites you can try, this one is specifically for singles with cancer:

This one is for singles with all kinds of illnesses:

Or I see some people have started Yahoo groups or MySpace groups for singles with cancer, you could start your own in your area--maybe Romantics with Chemo Brain?

Also, see this blog post, she is in Seattle, maybe the two of you can start a movement: … chcom.html

You go, girl!


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Hi Lisa: How about starting with small steps. Like, going to places where singles go? Charity events, clubs, Museums, etc. Joining a group of something where your interests lie. Here goes another Lainy/Teddy story. I was single after 25 years with a LOSER, dated and had a nice social life for 8 years. Then a girlfriend and I started going to a restaurant/bar where they had live music and  older singles went. Bada bing, bada boom, after watching me for months, Teddy asked me to dance. We had 1 dance, and in walked a guy I was just starting to date. So that was that. I dated this guy for 9 months and T met a woman he dated for a year and then we both broke up. Now you have to understand that  during this time we would see each other all the time and were watching! About 4 months after both break-ups we re-met in August, had a first date in September, got engaged Xmas and married in July! Point of this is you never know! Other point is I had not dated for awhile when I met T as I had decided my own company was better than those I was meeting and therefore I became comfortable with myself which opened me up to T when we re met. So, Mama Lainy says, do look around but not so aggresively that you get upset over it. Be comfortable with yourself. Good luck!


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What a neat story, Lainy.  You two were meant to be together.

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And you will find yours.  Say, only 3 days to go before your mini convention!  We are all waiting for a report!! Wish we could have one here in Phoenix.