Topic: cyberknife and insurance coverage

I am just finishing my second cycle of chemo and am scheduled to start cyberknife radiation in December.  My insurance company has just denied me because they deem cyberknife "experimental".  Has anyone dealt with cyberknife coverage or an appeal process with their insurance provider?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

Re: cyberknife and insurance coverage

The Insurance Company denied the first request as they said Teddy needed to have Radiation first. He finished 5 weeks of radiation in September and they have now approved the cyber knife. It really is NOT experimental but originally only for brain cancer and they can't seem to get over that fact. Sometimes your docotr has to go to battle for you to get cyber knife approved.

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Re: cyberknife and insurance coverage

My husband has had 3 rounds of Cyberknife treatments starting back in January 2008 and the insurance company (Ind. Blue Cross & Shield) has approved all 3.  The doctor said we would probably have difficulty from the insurance company  but we cannot complain at all.  His office gets the precertifications.  Wish I could tell you more about getting the approval.  Best of luck.

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