Topic: Dad's treatment update

We visited the vascular doctor who will do the chemo treatments on Monday and back with the oncologist on Tuesday. There seems to be some confusion on his tumor. The pathologist says it is difficult to determine if this is CC or Hepatocellular (I think that is the correct term, but probably incorrect spelling). The oncologist says they probably couldn't tell without opening him up and looking, but they both lean to CC.

The treatment course for now is chemoembolization first. The tumor is too large for many therapies and my dad is 86. The oncologist suggested that it "doesn't burn bridges" like some therapies that can cause artery damage.

We are excited that he is consulting with Dr Kennedy at Wake Oncology about SIR spheres/ Yttrium 90  to see if he is a candidate for that. It is a relief that he offered to facilitate that so we don't have to chase it down ourselves. As a caregiver, so far, the most trying thing is the feeling of chasing your tail.

And a BIG thanks to Carol for her "offline" consulting since she and Charlie are in the same town as my parents. Your advice and experience were a big help to us in making our decision on moving forward for now with what we are doing, but knowing that we can always look at another doctor or treatment if needed.

Re: Dad's treatment update

You're welcome Jan.  Anything I can do to help, I'll be glad to.  That's great that your Dad's appointment went well with his doctors.  Keep us updated on how he does with the chemoembolization.  I'm glad you're consulting with Dr. Kennedy too.  He's very good.  I have your number, you have mine.  We'll be in touch.  Praying for good things for your Dad.  Take care of yourself!