Topic: Discussion Board Re-Organization

This is just great!  Thanks for all the hard work on behalf of all of us.  It looks to be a massive undertaking, but know your hard work is so much appreciated!!!


Re: Discussion Board Re-Organization

I too love the new lay out and appreciate how much work went into it. But here I am suggesting something that will cause more work....
Can we please have the good news section back? Sometimes I like to go back and read the good news section on its own. I think that it offered so much hope and light in the darkness that is cc and I would hate to loose it.

But the site does look wonderful and I love the fall colors on the tree.


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Re: Discussion Board Re-Organization

I like the results of the reorganization!  Super job!

Re: Discussion Board Re-Organization

What's Working/Good News is back up.  I will begin repopulating it today (maybe tomorrow.)