Topic: jaundice is coming back................

My mom has 2 stents in place, a drain on the outside of her body that is capped off because it appeared to drain inward instead of through the drain on the outside of her body. 

We know that the cancer has spread and her intrahepatic CC is now on the outside of the bile ducts as well and there is another one on the wall of her abodmen that is growing.  The Dr is willing to try one last form of chemo but her billiruben count must be lower.  It was decreasing slowly (.5 per mo) but now this weekend mom's eyes are looking yellow and her tummy is yellow again. 

Has anyone had this experience?  I know that the stents need to be replaced once in awhile and they may need to "flush" the drain tube to ensure there are no blockages in the drain.  I am wondering what might the next step for mom be? 

Any thoughts and experiences are appreciated!!

Re: jaundice is coming back................

I had a stent in place when I was diagnosed, it worked for a while but blocked and i turned yellow on a weekly basis, they talked about a drain for me but decided to try a bigger stent as the first stent shoud have stretched the ducts enough.  The bigger stent worked although it was only in for about 4 weeks till I had the operation.