Topic: Hello, Jeff!!!

Good to see you on the site! You are awesome as usual and an inspiration to us all. Xmas lights are all up outside and inside. This week Teddy will make his calamari in marinara sauce and his octopus salad. While I will not go near it, his grandkids were raised on it and are chomping at the bits to get here for Xmas Eve.
Tuesday the 9th he goes in for his nephrosis tube change (old hat stuff) and the 16th he begins his cyber knife. We have learned there will be some side effects as it was explained that how ever hard the radiation hit the monster this will be like umpteen times harder. They gave him Zofren to take before each visit (of 5) and said he will be extremely tired. Small prices to pay to loose the sucker!
Sounds like you are doing as well as you can, remember, ATTITUDE is everything. We have walked this road with you for almost 3 years now and when I can see your smiling face on site I just get so very happy! Love and prayers to you and your family!

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