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Topic: Once thought spread now disappeared!

My brother Rami had CT scans 2 months ago after 3 months of treatment with devastating results. The results then were inconclusive wrt the bile duct cancer while confirming lymph cancer growth of 3cm - from 2cm to 5cm. Two days ago new scans showed 'with some doubt' that the cancer in the bile duct and the multiple lymph nodes has stopped growing, and maybe shrunk in some places and that it seems the 5 cm cancer has almost disappeared?!

Rami will have another chemo session (possibly his 6th session now) on the 8th of December.... its again (cisplatin & 5 FU), oncologist was happy with the latest scan results and blood test and decided to continue with the same medication

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Re: Once thought spread now disappeared!

That is such good news and it shows once again that the best thing we have going with this CC is HOPE! Thank you for sharing that with us and we pray your good news continues!


Re: Once thought spread now disappeared!

What amazing news! Thanks for sharing and lets hope that it continues to be good news for your brother.


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