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Hello all, my Dad has had a biliary catheter in since Nov. 3rd. Late November he had a new one put in, a size bigger. It is flushed 2 times a day. This past week, while flushing is going smooth, the drainage is erratic. He may go the whole day with nothing spilling into the bag, and then suddently it just pours out. Mom emptied it 3 time this morning (in hopes to keep it from filling before she gets home from work this afternoon). Around noon he disconnected it because it was so full & heavy.

Can anyone tell me of your experiences with this?


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Hi Tess. When Teddy had a biliary catheter it was also erratic. Sometimes we  thought it was from laying versus sitting. Honestly we never figured it out except it bothered us more than the doctor!

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Re: Question: biliary catheter & erratic drainage...

This is our case as well Lainy. The docs have suggested that certain positions may cause a 'kink', but we haven't figured out which ones... as its very random! We too appear a bit more concerned that the docs.