we are investigating the alternativ traphies for my aunt 57.. she had the surgery 2 weeks ago and the pathology showed that it is cholangiocarsinoma... We were socked becaouse we had a close friend having the same type...
we lost him this morning.. He was late when he learned about it he was about the last stage..
we are thinking to go to china to tongren hospital for the treatment gendicine and the other methods and we will take the first 2 months cemo there.. becouse thay can do the gendicine with cemo.. No side effects..and other methods such as hifu as well.. Nothing to loose for us.. becouse we know that the cancer is going to come back.. and there is not a fix method for this type of cancer...

I will share everything i learned about this tretament.But you can all search the web side..
the name of the hospital is tongren hospital
take care all..
and if anyone knows anything about this pls let me know

take care all