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Topic: Energy/Spiritual Healers are helping my Mom

Hello wonderful family. I am sorry for not posting before. I do enter the website regularly, but don't always have the time to write. I do want you to know that I pray for you every night.

From my last posting, my mom had not started any treatment yet. She had just been diagnosed with CC stage IV with Mets to the peritoneal area (8/31/08). Because of her insurance she didn't have many choices in terms of hospitals or cancer centers. However she has been treated at Moun Sinai, which is not too bad. Initially, I was not satisfied with the doctors since they gave us basically no hope and only offered chemo (gemcitabine) as Palliative care only.  I have never believed that there is no cure for this illness. You may call me naive, I am aware of all the research out there that takes you to the same place which is "nothing can be done", but I believe not only in miracles and in the presence of a divine force, but in the fact that Western Medicine does not know everything, they know such a tiny portion of the human body; plus I believe we are not only matter, we are much more complex than that.

To move on with the story. My mother who was very weak after being six weeks in the hospital in Miami and discharged with such a horrible diagnosis, decided to take on the chemo regimen. In miami she had a couple of stents put in which have bothered her tremendously, she had so much pain from the stents (or tumor around the stents) that was only controlled with morphine. I asked the doctor if the chemo would help diminish the pain and she said that it should after the second treatment, well it never did. Then after a month into the chemo I started researching about spiritual healers. I read something about this in a book... and as I researched I found a famous healer that was going to be in nyc for a few days. I decided to try it. I took my mother to a center where he was doing the healings. He was a very pleasant man, he asked about my mom's problems and he simply put on music and proceded to place his hands on different areas of my mothers body. I was in the room along with my husband and it was amazing to watch the muscles of his hands move so fast while he laid them still on my mother. The session lasted around 20 minutes, at the end he told us that if she felt results she should have more sessions, and that it would take about three days after the healing for her to see results, if any.  We went home, I asked my mom if she felt anything at the time of the healing and she said that she just felt heat.   I was not sure what to expect, my husband was a little skeptical at the idea, but I thought why not try it, it wouldn't hurt her anyway.

Well, she had the healing on Wednesday and the next three days she was very sick, I was so worried, she just seemed very weak.  But on Sunday, the pain was gone!!! and she was so full of life and energy, she felt great. I also noticed that she was tolerating the chemo sessions much better, she could eat solid foods the day after a session, when before she had a hard time just taking down liquids. This was very exciting for our family, however after 10 days the pain came back, she continued with the chemo, and her pain was still there... The healer that my mom had seen lives in England and he tours the US, so I couldn't take her back to him easily. By the way, if anyone is interested his name is Malcolm Smith (http://www.malcolmsmithhealer.com). I then, desperately was looking for other healers here in NYC, but no one quite convinced me, their are so many charlatans out there, that makes it difficult to find someone real. I then called the person who was the contact for malcolm and she recommended another healer who practices here in NYC. I researched him and I decided to give him a try. I took my mom two weeks ago (one month after seeing malcolm) to this new healer, my mom was feeling very weak that morning. I came in with her to his office, because I needed to translate for her. He read his aura and told her why she had gotten this illness and that he could help her with the illness but she had to help herself by forgiving and letting go of some hurtful feelings and loving herself very much.  I've been convinced that my mothers' condition stems from some strong emotional turmoil that she went through a couple of years ago. My mother, later asked me if I had told anything about her to this man, and I hadn't. He spoke to her as if he could see through her.

This healer, named, Ze'ev Kolman (http://www.zeevkolman.net/index.shtml), said many more things but I don't want to bore you... anyway, Zeev put my mom on a doctor's bed, simply uncovered her stomach area and did a normal meditation with her as he moved his hands around her like sweeping energy out, He never touched her, he would move his hands about 5inches away from her body in a sweeping motion. Mom says, that she felt electricity and a lot of heat. He moved his hands over my face asking me if i felt anything, and I actually felt if he was touching me with a feather. At the end of the session, about 20 mins, my mom right away felt better, I never left my mother's side and when I looked at her belly button, this white, murky liquid, had come out of it. He was very excited, he told me not to touch it and said, wow, you took the energy very well, many of my clients don't have that reaction until 10 sessions later. Anyway, we went home that day, my mom said that she felt sore in her liver area, but no pain!!! The usual pain that she felt around the stents was gone, and still is.  That same week we went back in for another session, no more liquid came out of her, but she did feel heat again and has been feeling pretty well.  Last week she had her first CT-scan and it showed that the illness has not progressed and that the tumor in her liver shrunk a little bit.   So, my mother is not cured, but she does feel a lot better. We cannot tell if the shrinkage was caused by the chemo or by the healers, but what we do know is that healers did take away the pain while the chemo didn't. These particular healers by the way, do not belong to any religious order, they try to help indiscriminately; Malcolm says that he serves as a channel of divine energy and Zeev says he practices bioenergy, which in my mind is the same thing, other call it chi, prana, etc. in the end it is all God's work.

My mom, has decided to take a break from the chemo for the rest of this year and will re-evaluate if she want to go back to it or not in January.  I know this story may be hard to believe for many of you. But I felt obliged to share it with all of you, in case it is helpful.  I think it so important to also hear positive stories and to feel that there is hope. I don't listen to everything the doctor's say. I asked two of the oncologists at Mount Sinai if they were open to alternative/complementary treatments while my mom underwent treatment and they said they were but that they couldn't make any suggestions because there was no proof. I find this answer mediocre and since then I feel that doctors are simply so limited, by laws, the system and by their own western medicine. I think it's up to us to find the answers and I'm determined with God's help to do all what I can.

My apologies for such a long post

Lots of love and healing energy to you all,


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Hi Lina, I read your story and it's very toughing.
Thank you for sharing with us here.  God blesses all of us in this forum.  I'm on your shoes.  I felt your feeling.
My mom had her first stent in early Nov 2008, 2nd time ERCP with 2 stents in late Nov 08.  Now she's waiting for her 3rd one because it clogged up again.  Her billirubin show 4.0 yesterday from blood test and she's in serious itchy and jaundice again that bother me alot and I can't sleep when seeing and keep thinking of it.  So far she has not complained about the pain or probably not felt it.
She has been drinking many types of chinese herbs.  I live in Los Angeles and I've been driving 3 times to San Francisco (12 hrs each trip) for the Chinese herbs.  I can't give any suggest since it did not show any effective on her jaundice and itchy but I'm still hoping and hunting for the right cure.  I believe finding the right diet and the herbs somewhere out there will help.
She's not going on her chemo yet because all of the laws, and hospital, insurance procedures.   
I heard that radioembolization is very helpful and I'll bring it up to my mom's oncologist next time.
Sorry that I don

Re: Energy/Spiritual Healers are helping my Mom

Dear Quan Yin, thank you for your reply.

I'm sorry to hear that your mom is going through what so many of our loves ones have or are experiencing. It is beautiful of you to drive that far to get the right chinese herbs for your mom. I'm sure she feels your love! (I have a lot of respect for chinese medicine)

Quan Yin, I'm not a doctor, but if you think your mom has jaundice, I wouldn't hesitate to bring her to the hospital. There are many symptoms that we can try to or help alleviate at home. But I believe jaundice is more serious, don't mean to alarm you, but it's my feeling. Perhaps other members of this forum can advise you better.

My mom fist signs of cc started when she had her gallbladder removed and they found a tumor in the bile ducts. The first tests showed up as negative, however she had a temporary stent put in. A month later the stent moved causing her jaundice. She was then hospitalized and after one month of several biopsies and tests she was diagnosed with cc.

Good luck to you and your mom. I will pray for your moms recuperation.



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Thanks so much Lina for yours posted.
My mom case started out differently, her gallbladder was suspected with stones from many years ago but never been complained (pain), discovered nor removed.   In Oct she started her new med for her high blood pressure called Nifedipine and that began her itchy.  It started out mildly and more severe by the 7th day.  Called doctor and stopped it for a week but the itchy wouldn