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I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about, or has had any experience with Oasis of Hope in Mexico? My Mom is interested in alternative therapies. I have read several books that reccomend them for alternative treatments, but don't know anyone with first hand experience.

She is taking several supplements and following the diet in Patrick Quillians "Beating Cancer With Nutrition". After 3 mo. of chemo and supplements she has had a 1.5cm reduction in tumor size, but she is begining to have a hard time tolerating the chemo. (terrible mouth sores and Hand-foot syndrome)

She is interested in trying IV vitamin C or maybe the B17 treatment. Oasis of Hope is supposed to have a lot of experience with these treatments, along with many other immune system building treatments. Any insight would be appreciated.

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Before you spend a lot of money on alternative therapies, I would recommend that you read 

I am leery of "alternative" therapies and cures that promise hope to desparate people.   People who prey on seriously ill people with quack scams are despicable, IMHO.

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Hi Robyn. My daughter Robin is engaged to a man who was diagnosed 1 1/2 year ago with lymphoma. Besides his Oncologist and chemo he has also been seeing a natural pathic doctor. He gets vitamin C intravenously once a week and he feels that helped him though the chemo with NO side effects and has helped keep the cancer in remission. In fact he just had a scan and he is perfect! He tries to be organic on food and products. His oncologist told him last week that many doctors feel there is something to the Vitamin C approach and so many cancer patients want to try it, but the insurance companies will not pay for it, that doctors are starting to push the insurance companies. I don't believe you need to go to Mexico as there are many naturalpathics here. Make sure you find one who will work with your Oncologist and vice versa.